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3.2 hard cut polish


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The product’s excellent polishing power makes it ideal for large jobs. It allows the rapid removal of sandpapering scratches and polishing of the very dull paintwork.

Shake before use, then apply HARD CUT POLISH with an applicator. Finish with a microfibre cloth and wipe with another microfibre cloth. We recommend then applying 3.3 MEDIUM CUT POLISH and 3.4 FINE CUT POLISH for a perfect high-gloss finish and protection.

Dangerous. Respect the precautions for use. Dangereux. Respecter les précautions d'emploi.

special hard cut renovating polish for faded bodywork. without silicone.
Removes in a single pass scratches and scrapes while bringing the brilliance to the lacquer.
Has a controlled evaporation, which allows to work the product long enough.
Wipes off easily, Contains no silicone & Leaves no greasy film.